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Mike ( ICoN )
Creative Collective Forming In Philadelphia! Li...  topic
Geometry of circles by Phillip Glass  topic
Classes in San Francisco  topic
Tech Definition  topic
6-petal Poi tutorial video (x-post)  topic
New glow poi  topic
e6 vlog episode 10  topic
Noeltech #10 - Tech Poi  topic
Butterfloop Toss  topic
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a little tech ish-pendlum hyperloops, and wall ...  topic
under the legs crosser atomics  topic
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vloggy vlog  topic
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Firedrums 2010 - Exuro Fire Poi  topic
3D Poi'pie Spinning Poi  topic
Über-Triquetra.  topic
I think I broke my planes!  topic
AHH my planes are melting :0 (plane bending and...  topic
Poiboy - FlowTech  topic
2d look in a 3d world  topic
this is a pattern i picked up at a rave  photo flag
New Tech Video  topic
Triple Composites.  topic

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